About ‘Seeking Waterfalls’

Pollet33Welcome to our waterfall exploration page!   My wife and I are waterfall enthusiasts of sorts and loving finding, hiking and exploring waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. 

After living in Nova Scotia and Alberta, we spent much time with friends exploring waterfalls throughout both provinces.  Now that we've returned to the east coast, we'll have more postings from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and hopefully Newfoundland. Enjoy, and what can be better than 'hiking to swim'!

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The title picture was taken by Matt Hogg during an extraordinary adventure near Pollett's Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Important: The content listed on this page is for entertainment use only. Please use your own judgement and common sense when attempting visits to any of the waterfalls I have described.  Seeking Waterfalls is fun, but please be safe.