Falls at Heart Creek

Looking for deep valley hiking? Hiking the trail at Heart Creek will bring you just that, as you follow the creek side trail southward, between the Heart Mountain and Mount McGuillivary.  The trail to the falls is very easy and  should present little challenges.  The trail length is just over 2km.  In any season, you’re likely to see climbers, whether the rock or ice variety.  Many cliffs surround the trail, making it an excellent opportunity. 

At the end of the trail, you see a dead end of rock, but can hear rushing water behind the snaked rock walls. To see the falls, you need to either climb the rock on the southern side of the creek or wade through the creek to the falls.  This part is steep and slippery either way, so use caution. 

Heart Creek is located off the Transcanada Highway to Banff.  Take the Lac Des Arcs exit and follow the signs leading to the southside of the highway.  The Heart Creek trailhead is located at the end of a short gravel road just off the highway.  Signage and interpretive posts are throughout.

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