Cameron Falls

DSC01434Located in the village of Waterton within Waterton Lakes National Park, Cameron Falls displays the raw power of mountain river flowage.  Originating from Cameron Lake within the Akamina mountain range, Cameron falls is the spectacular terminus of a scenic 18 kilometre river.  Likely a popular tourist attraction within Waterton, Cameron falls is a location that is accessible to everyone.

Waterton Lakes National Park is located 270 km south of Calgary, Alberta, and 130 km southeast of Lethbridge, Alberta.  From Calgary take Highway 2 south to Fort Macleod, then west on Highway 3 to Pincher Creek, then south again on Highway 6 (approximately 2 1/2 hours drive).

Once inside the park, proceed to the Waterton village proper and along Evergreen Avenue until you see the falls along the western side of the road.  The falls can be accessed from both north and south ridgelines, via well marked and enclosed paths leading from the parking lot.  For picnickers and visitors to the falls, follow Evergreen Avenue until a small traffic circle, leading to the campground and shoreline of Waterton Lake.  Certainly a scenic spot for a break.

2 thoughts on “Cameron Falls

  1. For a nice waterfall you may also want to try and find Twin Falls (out of twin lake). It is up behind Snow Shoe Cabin. Just find the small creek by the cabin. Head down stream through some brush. Where this creek joins the larger one, a 15 foot waterfall should be found. There is a bit of a game trail on the west side of the small stream, but it doesn’t go too far.


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