Cascade Falls

You’ve probably driven by these falls many times, but have you stopped for a visit?  We did exactly the same for a few trips, then decided to check out Cascade Falls on our way home from Johnston’s Canyon. If you’re into scrambling, this will be fairly quick and easy.  Although the trail takes a steep grade from the beginning, its only a short while before you’re halfway up the falls slope.  While there, we noticed a neat thing with these falls…the water falls down the slope and stops at the scree.  The rest, flows under the scree for about 50 metres.  Interesting, a waterfall without much of a stream to follow…in spring anyway.

To get there, turn off on the Lake Minnewaska and Tunnel Mountain exit near Banff.  You’ll see the falls on your left.  The trailhead is immediately after the texas gate near the off-ramp.  If you see the grassy runway and windsock, you know you’re in the right spot.  Follow the trail through the forest to the scree slopes and scramble to wherever you wish for a view. 

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