Troll Falls

DSC02235DSC02222Troll Falls are just east of the Nakiska Ski resort and Kananaskis Village.  The trail to Troll Falls is easy and follows powerline easements and existing equestrian trails .  The falls lie within a half-moon rock enclave, about 5 minutes from the main trail.  The rock formations surrounding the falls really add to the experience, as the sound of the water is amplified by the curve of the rock.  Also of interest is the vegetation in the falls area.  Most of it has grown over the edge, with roots of trees growing straight down into the overhang.  There is also easy access behind the falls.  Troll falls is a spot for the whole family.

To get to the falls, take Hwy 40 to the Nakiska resort turnoff.  Soon after leaving Hwy 40, look for an access road to powerlines on your left.  Park just after the entrance and follow the powerlines until a horse trail opens on your left.  Follow the horse trail until an intersection with Hay Meadows trail.  Shortly after, turn right onto Troll Falls ski trail.   Cross the 4-way intersection (Hay Meadow trail to right, Ruthie’s to left). A much narrower trail carries to Marmot Creek. Follow the stream to Troll Falls.   The return trip is about 2.4 km.

On a return trip, several waterfalls were discovered above Troll Falls.  These might be worth exploring if you’re willing to do a little bushwacking up stream beyond the original falls.

Click here for a trail map.

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