Upper Kananaskis Falls

DSC02387Upper Kananaskis Falls are found within Peter Lougheed park.  Located near the western shores of the Upper Kananaskis Lake (naturally), these falls are fairly easy to reach from the trailhead.  A casual return trip would take 3 hours.  The falls boast a heavy river flowage,  which spills into an inlet of the upper lake.  The falls are small in height, but relatively omnimous due to the power and murkyness of the water.  When comparing this water to the lake, its interesting how both differ significantly.  Nearby the falls is a backcountry campground which is part of the Lakes trail system.   The trail to the falls follows the lakeshore, which is very scenic at any time of year.  A variety of terrain is experienced while taking the Upper Lake trail as you pass along thick forest, windy lakeshores and rocky avalanche runoff.  A few areas switch rapidly, giving a unique and interesting excursion. 

To get to Upper Kananaskis Falls, proceed south on Hwy 40 from the Transcanada.  Enter Peter Lougheed park and take the main turnoff towards the information centre.  Proceed to the end of the road and follow the signs to the Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes.  Go to the Upper Lake parking lot and proceed along the north or southern shore of the lake.  Each will take you to the falls, but the northern approach will be shorter.  Visitors that are backpacking in the area usually pass by these falls along the way to Aster Lake and Fossil Falls

The Upper lake is very impressive in the winter as the area has a significant amount of snow and fairly thick and clear ice!

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