Falls along French Creek

Dsc00595_1Dsc04132Dsc04128Dsc04111French Creek Falls are located in the west part of Kananaskis Country in the Smith-Dorien area and nearby the Burstall Pass trail.  Following the French Creek southwest toward the French Glacier and Haig Icefield area, you can reach three sets of falls along the way.  The first is two-tiered and a delight to see.  Nestled within rocky cliffs, the falls boasts a significant height.  The trail to the falls is easy and downhill.  Continue further south down the valley to visit the other falls along the way.  The sights and views of the mountains that surround the hike are spectacular. Also, it’s a fairly secluded hike which is surprising due to its proximity to Burstall Pass.

To get there, take Hwy 40 south from the transcanada, then northwest on Secondary Road 130 from Peter Lougheed Provincial Park to the Burstall Pass Trailhead.  You can also access #130 from the south end of Canmore, follow the signs to K-Country.  Note: Road 130 is a gravel road and can have varying road conditions depending on the weather.  During snows, the only access may be from the south through Peter Lougheed Park.  Once at the Burstall Pass trailhead, follow the main trail until the top of the first little hill.  Keep left along what looks like an old logging trail or survey line and continue keeping the creek in sight.  Keep left through the obvious Y junctions, you should be going downhill.  At a T-intersection with the creek, follow the west bank and hillside until you see the falls.  To continue on, cross the creek at the T and follow the valley and creek beyond.

Be wary, this hike may involve some bushwacking during winter months.

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