Upper and Lower Canmore Falls


    Upper and Lower Canmore Falls may very well be Canmore’s little secret.  These falls lie hidden within a small canyon between the town and the mountains (specifically Hai Ling and Grassi Peak) and provide a great opportunity for a short walk around flowing water.  The falls are sprung from the Canmore Creek as it flows under the Spray Lakes Road toward the Bow River.  If venturing near the town of Canmore, visiting these falls is certainly worth it. 

    The upper falls are approximately 40-50 m in height, leading to a small pool atDsc03320 the foot of a scree covered slope.  Following a trail on the west side of the creek, the lower falls lie within a small wooded area near the site of Canmore’s first coal mine and the remnants of the coal operation, including building foundations and coal waste material which covers the slopes.  Watch for the fenced areas, which contain the now-covered old ventilation shafts for the mine.

    To enjoy the falls, head to the Quarry Lake parking lot, located off the Spray Lakes Road. From here, you can park and walk across the road toward the town, keeping an eye out for the large culvert under the road.  From here, you can take trails on the east or west side of the creek to see the falls.  The western trail will allow easy access to the lower falls and a picturesque view of the upper flow.  A picnic is always possible at Quarry Lake as well.

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