Numa Falls

Dsc00114Dsc00115_1 Numa Falls are a roadside attraction within Kootenay National Park and just off Hwy 93.  Located just before Vermillion Crossing, Numa falls flow along the Vermillion River and in spring or flood runoff, show impressive power.  Visit these falls to have a little break from the single lane drive on highway 93, or to continue on through various backcountry trails that begin at the parking lot.  While in the area, keep your eye out for other various falls descending from the Vermillion Range of mountains.  We counted at least 4 or five that flowed to the Vermillion River.  Unfortunately, many are out of reach from the road, but may be accessible from backcountry trails.

To get there, go south on Hwy 93 from Castle Junction & Banff National Park.  A parking lot will be available on the western side of the road and is well signed.  The Numa Falls area is well linked to backpacking and other long distance trails in Kootenay National Park. 

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