Crescent Falls


Located in the David Thompson area, Crescent Falls are a sight to behold.  We have yet to visit the falls in the summer — but in the winter — the roar of the falls is unmistakable underneath the ice and snow that blanket the Bighorn River.  As with many falls in the David Thompson, Crescent Falls are off the beaten path (highway), but easily accessible by car or by hiking a short distance.

Crescent Falls are located 22 kilometres from Nordegg and boast their own campground area.  You’ll have to travel about 6 kilometres along an unpaved road to reach the falls area.  This road is not plowed in the winter time, so travel at your own risk (of getting stuck!).  The steep hill on the last part of the road to the parking lot may be difficult to ascend on the return trip if ice is present.  For a short but worthwhile trip to the falls, park at the lookoff point over looking the canyon about halfway to the end of the road.  You’ll have a 30 minute hike along the canyon edges to the fall lookoff.  Well worth the adventure.  Or, you can drive to the falls viewpoint.

If you’re even more adventurous, check out the upper falls area to the west beyond the main falls. You should be comfortable with off-trail hiking however.

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