Barachois Falls

20060504_009Dsc04344As a side trip after our Petites, Nfld excursion, we visited Barachois Falls. 
falls are nestled in a the typical Newfoundland barrens area terrain: moss, rocks, swamp and small stunted growth trees (tuckamore).  Flowing from a plateau area, the falls zigzag from approximately 50m in height.

The falls are located along highway 470 (Rose Blanche Lighthouse Scenic Drive) between Ilse aux Morts and Rose Blanche. If you keep an eye out to the north, Barachois Falls is visible from the roadway about 10 minutes west of Rose Blanche. 

To get to the falls, you’ll need to walk along a wooden boardwalk for
15 minutes.  The boardwalk is in deteriorating shape, but walk-able
with care.  Be sure to check out the historic Rose Blanche lighthouse while in the area.  Note: the right photo was taken by Kris Griffon.

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