Cutie’s Hollow Falls


If you live in Nova Scotia, you’ve probably driven past the road to Cutie’s Hollow Falls many times.
Cutie’s Hollow is located in the Antigonish area of Nova Scotia, nestled quietly within the hills of the Marshy Hope area.  The falls lie within a canyon along the James River, as it flows through the hills around Antigonish.  The falls have three main steps, visible from the canyon bottom.  The pool and water are a great spot for the adventurous swimmer as well.

To get there, take the Marshy Hope exit from Hwy 104 (the TCH), about 10 kms west of Antigonish.  From there, drive the dirt road 6.5 kilometres until you get to a set of back-country cabins. (The road is rough, so low profile cars beware.) You’ll find a spot to park here, then follow the well worn ATV trail (marked “The Falls”).  Follow the trail (which is often flooded at the best of times), keeping to the right at each trail junction.  After 2.5kms, you’ll come to a cart track with two small trails leading to above and below the falls.  Both may be marked with flagging tape.  Watch your step heading down the steep slopes, which have eroded away significantly.  There is a series of ropes to help you to the bottom.  From there, enjoy the water!

2 thoughts on “Cutie’s Hollow Falls

  1. My son and I hiked this trail on Labor Day Weekend, just after Earl made his visit. Was well worth the wet and muddy feet. The directions were bang on. Thank You.


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