Falls at Aster Lake

The Falls at Aster Lake flow through several steps of Foch Creek from the lake proper, through the forest west of Mount Sarrail.  The water is an interesting murky dark grey colour due to silt runoff from the Foch and Malgin glaciers that feed Aster Lake.  Seeing the all the falls will require a bit of bushwacking and climbing around the river, but the extra effort is well worth it.

To get to Aster Lake falls, you’ll need either lots of energy for a day trip or visit them while staying at the Aster Lake backcountry campground.  The falls are located along the trail to Aster Lake, just before the campground.  To get to Aster Lake, you’ll need to gain a headwall from Hidden lake, which lies on a trail just beyond the western shores of Upper Kananaskis Lake, in Peter Lougheed Park. It would be a significant and lengthy day-hike, so camping is recommended.  You’ll need a park pass as well.  Be sure to check out the spectacular Fossil Falls along your way, as well as the various scrambles in the area.

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