Economy Falls

07142002_04607142002_053Economy_09_oct2021_2001Economy Falls are located in the Cobequid Mountains of northwestern Nova Scotia, located near Lower Economy.  The falls have changed appearance since a recent rockfall collapse, but are still beautiful among the surrounding Kenomee Canyon.  The falls snake their way through the remaining rock, to a pool at about 15 metres in height.

You can get to Economy Falls by driving or hiking, depending on your preference.  If hiking, you’ll face an meandering river hike for 7 kms. Along the way you’ll find look-offs and views of the surrounding hills. This area is also geologically interesting, as parts of the cliff-side seem to be eroding away dramatically.  If a shorter trip is desired, drive closer to the parking lot, where visitors will have only a short 200m walk with a stairway descent. For the adventurous traveler, bring a backpack and explore the various trails that lead from the falls into the Kenomee Canyon trail system.   

To get there, head along highway 2 toward Parrsboro and pass Bass River.  Turn north on the Philip River Road (just before the local interpretation centre) which leads to the trail-heads. About 4 kilometres in is the parking area for the Devil’s Bend Trail. From here you can hike to the falls or drive on and park closer for your visit. 

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