North River Falls

Northriverfalls_73_may11_2002Northriverfalls_63_may11_2002Northriverfalls_16_may11_2002North River Falls are located near Oregon, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and is nestled in the Cape Breton Highlands.  An 18 kilometre return trail will take you up the North River to the highest waterfall in the province (at 32 metres). If venturing to North River falls, expect your travel to take up most of the day.  Hiking along the trail is long but enjoyable as the water rushes past you, making for a constant background noise for the entire trip.

The trail starts out easy enough, although can be a bit wet with a nice, wide path and is fairly level for the most part.  In reaching the falls, you’ll need to cross a few bridges over some feeder streams of the North River below. These bridges may be out, depending on the condition of the trail.  (You may need to cross the river, which will be challenging depending on which season you attempt the hike.) After three kilometres, be sure to spot an offshoot trail next to an old foundation, including remnants of stone walls and outhouses.

To get there head to the Englishtown side of the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island. Take Hwy 312 toward Oregon and North River Bridge. North River Falls is in a wilderness park, located 4 kilometres north from the Cabot trail at North River Bridge.

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