Island View Falls

Island2Island View Falls are located on southeast Cape Breton Island, on a long strip of land bordered by the Bras D’Or lakes near the Eskasoni reserve.  Island View Falls are not steep in height, but water rushes fervently over the rocks on a low angle more similar to rapids.  The falls do make for an impressive sight and sound with the roar of the white capped churned water, which is especially prominent during spring. 

The way to the falls is two-fold: river wading or ridge climbing.  Some attempt access to the falls by walking upstream — however, wading is only possible at the height of summer during a dry season.  As a result, access to these falls is only available by bushwhacking along the ridges approaching the falls or attempting to follow the shoreline.  (Unless you want to cross the river repeatedly, shoreline access is difficult due to the steep and treacherous slopes bordering the river.)  If ridge climbing, take a map along and follow available animal trails and paths while staying as high on the hillside as possible.  After 45 minutes of climbing, you’ll across a bend in the river valley below which gives way to a spectacular site of the falls from the ridge line.  Descending to the river level from the ridge is not recommended. On the return trip, take stay high and then descend to the shoreline as you approach the road. 

To get there, head toward Eskasoni and Island View along the Hwy 216 on Cape Breton Island.  After passing by the Eskasoni reserve, park near the MacIntosh Brook bridge and choose your approach.

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