Third Vault Falls

Davesheenanb_49_apr18_2002While seeking out the highest tides in the world at Fundy National Park, you can also find Three Vault Falls.  At a significant height, Third Vault Falls flows into an interesting amphitheater formation of  rock, almost catching the rushing water from several metres above.

The Third Vault Falls trail is well maintained, but may be closed in a wet season.  On the trail, you’ll find a pleasant 8 km trip to the falls. The last bit of the hike leads to a steep declining trail, filled with rocks and switchbacks alike.  From this point, you can hear rushing water and the falls are close.  The trail ends at the flow-age, leaving the hiker to scramble around on the rocks and hillside to find the best vantage point for seeing the falls.   After admiring the falls, a steep slope greets your return trip. 

To get to Fundy National Park, head to the village of Alma in Southern New Brunswick, along highway 114.  The falls trail-head is located off the Laverty road inside the Park.

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