Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls, located in Spray Valley Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country, are nestled in a valley between Mount Kidd and Mount Bogart.  The falls originate from Ribbon Lake, flowing several stages over the lake’s headwall and ending at a 25 meter sheer rock face to ground level.  The falls have several stages not visible from ground level, but are viewable and impressive should you gain a higher vantage point.  Along the trail to the main falls are other smaller falls and shallow river canyons along  Ribbon Creek.

The trail to the falls is just over 10 kilometres in length and is suitable for any hiker or biker, due to its good condition and slight incline.  Bikers can only go 4 kilometres, but bringing a bike adds to the return trip (if bringing a bike, head in later in the day to enjoy a good uninterrupted speedy descent). A backpacking campsite is also available for use near the falls for anyone wishing to spend an overnight.  If wanting more, venture above the falls to Ribbon Lake or scramble to Mt. Bogart via the creek gully. 

To get to Ribbon Falls, take the Nakiska Ski Hill turnoff on Highway 40.  Park at the Mt. Allan and Ribbon Creek trailhead, following the signs.  Take the trail at the west end of the parking lot, passing the gates.

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