Broad River Falls


These falls will bring you to a beautiful river valley, traveling through a hardwood canopy of leaves and
eventually to the Broad River, where challenging rockhopping awaits you.  Once there, you’ll see that the falls are nestled deep within the rocks housing it, making for a concentrated flow of water.  Along the way, you’ll also find a few smaller falls that will certainly keep your camera interested.

Where: Located in Fundy National Park along the Broad River.

To get there:  Head to Fundy National Park and take the Laverty Road to the end.  From there and for the shortest trip, take the Moosehorn Trail until you reach the Broad River.  Instead of traveling Northwest upstream, go southeast, following an old trail that meanders along the eastern side of the river.  You will start by the signpost/placard at the junction with Moosehorn trail and Laverty Falls trail.  Go past the sign, following until it is impassible on the west side of the river.  Then, cross the river in a good spot and continue along the riverside.  Keep an eye out for old signage that will lead you to an easier trek through the woods or back down toward the river.  There are various metal rungs in rocks throughout the difficult spots.  After a half hour, you will see the rocks give way to a steep gap, housing the falls.  A large pool is below and allows for some great swimming.

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