Match Factory Falls

20080615_033Match Factory falls lie within a steep canyon i
n Fundy National Park.  The falls have a fairly big  swimming area and are generally neat looking falls with two spouts of water converging in the middle.  You can either swim in the immediate area by the falls (although it is a bit narrow) or the large pool below the rock bench.  Either is fairly deep!

Where: Located along the 45 Mile River in the eastern side of Fundy National Park.

To get there: Travel to Fundy National Park and take the Laverty Road.  Head to the end and take the Moosehorn/Forks Trail.  Follow the Forks trail to the Broad River and 45 Mile River junction.  Continue across both rivers and follow the 45 Mile River northeast for a half hour, winding along the riverside.  Once you reach a large pool and a rock bench in front of you, the falls are to the right behind the steep embankment.  Either swim or climb and descend the left embankment to see the falls.

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