Falls Brook Falls

Picture_217_2Picture_216Where better to find waterfalls than at a hamlet with the namesake "the Falls".  Falls Brook Falls are located just off the road under a bridge at The Falls, Nova Scotia. The falls are fairly low in elevation, but wind through neat rock formations along the river. 

To get there, head toward Tatamagouche on Hwy 311 from east of Truro.  Go to the intersection of Hwy 311 and 256.  Head east on 256 a short distance until you cross a bridge.  Look over and you’ll see Falls Brook Falls.  There really isn’t any area to park, although you’ll find a trail leading to the brook on the side of the bridge nearest to Hwy 311. 

2 thoughts on “Falls Brook Falls

  1. Is there another waterfall in this area? I know I have been to one near Tatamagouche and The Falls that was much different then this one. It was substantially larger proobably 10 meters high with a pool at the top and a very deep and large pool at the bottom. i remember swimming there both times i visited. i remember parking on the side of the road and taking a pretty wide trail (possible old logging road) into the falls. there were other people there swimming and jumping from the cliffs into the pools.
    if you know the falls i am talking about please let me know. i am hoping to take a friend there and i wouldn’t mind some good directions because every other time i have visited i have gotten lost.


  2. Drysdale falls is a kilometre from there, its what the falls is named for. take the road to Wentworth and stop at the first bridge and walk up the brook. There is a trail where the house was just built but the landowner gets upset


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