Usiage Ban Falls

Dsc02720Usiage Ban (Ishka-ban) Falls are located in park area near north of Baddeck, Cape Breton Island.  The
falls were nestled in a steep valley which bordered the location on three sides.


At the beginning of your hike, you’ll notice that the park signs are detailed and offer trail distances, geographical info and history of the area. 

Continuing along the trail, you’ll find it winds around trees, streams and foot
bridges that decorate the way up the river valley towards the falls and the Highland Plateau. The height of Usiage Ban is impressive, boasting two levels of flowage.  The view from the upper level is impressive, but it requires steep climbing of the hillside to the left of the river. 

To get there, go to Usiage Ban Provincial Park, approximately a 20 minute drive north of Baddeck, Cape Breton, beginning at the RCMP station. Finding the Provinical Park during off-season may be difficult as the signs are removed until summer.    <br><br>

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