Gibson Brook Falls

Dsc01043Located downstream from Gordon Falls, Gibson Brook Falls are a little beauty nestled on Gibson Brook, near Elgin, New Brunswick.  Gibson Brook flows into the Pollett River, shortly after Gordon Falls.  At the falls area, you’ll see several drops of water, which can be viewed from the surrounding hills and cliffs nearby.  The higher level of the falls is accessible from the southwest.  There is a small pool, deep enough for swimming.   

To get there, take the 905 exit from Hwy 1 in southern NB.  Follow until you pass Elgin.  Two kilometers past Elgin, you’ll reach the bridge at Gordon Falls. 

To access the falls area, you can take a nearby dirt road or follow the south side of the Pollett river upstream.  If taking the road, start at south side of the bridge at a small red cabin marked #235.  Follow the road until its end, then take the trail to the left.  Follow to the riverside and canyon.  The falls will be in view and earshot.  Watch out for the high and slippery cliffside. 

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