Gordon Falls


Gordon Falls is a roadside attraction while in the Elgin area of New
Brunswick’s Fundy hills.   Located along the Pollett River, Gordon
Falls flow smoothly over brown sandstone admist the backdrop of
beautifully forested hills.  Gordon Falls flow underneath a spectacularly constructed
stone and concrete bridge which appears built in 1949. 

Accessing the falls is easy from the roadway and paths lead to the riverside from both sides. To get there, take the Petitcodiac exit from Hwy 1, leading to Hwy 905.  Head south toward Elgin.  Keep left at the Y after Elgin and follow 2 kilometres to the stone bridge.  Look for the falls to the right of the bridge. 

When in the area, check out Gibson Brook Falls, which are a short distance downstream from Gordon Falls.

Of one concern, when I visited in September 2008, there was a lot of broken glass on the look areas near the bridge and river.   

4 thoughts on “Gordon Falls

  1. The info you have posted re Gibson and Gordon Falls has several errors.I was born in the house beside Gordon Falls and the picture you show is not the falls at all,but the rapids beside the cement bridge.Gordon Falls is downstream from this location just past the house.This is the best location to get to the falls if you can get permission from the property owners.There is no resemblance between the picture you show and the real Gordon Falls.Secondly,you state that Gibson Falls is downstream from GF whereas it is upstream.Hope this info is useful to you.


  2. I agree with Carl. Gordon Falls is located down river from the Gibson Falls. Access is through private property or by walking along the river gorge which can be done in July & August.


  3. Bring rope if you want to climb down the gorge it’s very steep.
    As stated before follow the gorge last time I went I just followed the trail of beer cans to the site. However there is a trail behind the an abandoned red building.. Which used to be a dance hall.


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