Laverty Falls

Dsc01114Dsc01117Laverty Falls are probably one of the most popular falls to visit in Fundy National Park.  As slide type falls, they are powerful at any time of year and flow from the Laverty River.  Visitors can access the falls from the top or bottom of the falls. If visiting in the summertime, expect company!  There is a shallow pool at the foot of the falls, good enough for wading.

To get there, head to Fundy National Park in southern New Brunswick. Go to the Laverty Road and follow until the end.  From the parking lot, take the Laverty Falls trail for 2.3 kilometers.  Another way to the falls (and lesser used, but includes a ford) is to take the Shepody Road from either 45 Mile Road or from highway 114 near the north park entrance.  Follow the road until you see the Dobson Trail Link trailhead.  Head south along the trail for 2.6 kilometres until you reach the Laverty River ford.  From there, turn left, heading 300 meters to Laverty Falls.

If in the area, check out the other falls nearby, including Moosehorn Falls, Match Factory Falls and Broad River Falls. 

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