Forty Five River Falls

Dsc01099 Forty Five River Falls are a visual delight on the outskirts of Fundy National Park, flowing underneath the covered bridge over the river.  The punchbowl type falls reminded me of similar falls in BC, by the cool blue colour of the water and steps of flowing water.  Although there are several pools below the falls, the narrow rock walls bordering the river have created a significant current — as indicated on warning signs posted nearby.  Swimming is not advised here, but access to see them is not hard once you find the short trail.

To get there, head to Fundy National Park.  If taking the coastal highway 114 from Hillsborough, watch for Forty Five Road just east of the village of Alma.  Follow the road and keep left at the Y to enter the national park.  Follow the road until you reach 45 River Bridge.  The falls are out of sight from the road.  Access can be gained from the east side of the bridge on a path found behind a park warning sign.  If coming from Sussex, go east on the Shepody Road until you reach Forty Five Road.  Go south until you reach the bridge. 

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