Smith Falls

Smith falls are a surprising treat. Found on a small creek, leading from a beaver DSC08308 DSC08311 dammed pond, the falls descend from significant height into a deep gully.  The falls give visitors a multi-stepped presentation, as the water heads from road elevation to the bottom of the gully.  Our visit and photos was during the spring thaw, so the water flow on Smith Creek was very high.

To get there, head through Hampton toward Springfield on Hwy 121 and take the Guthrie Road . At the top of Raymond Mountain, watch for a bridge and a pond on the left.  Park just after the pond where you'll be able to see a beaver dam.  Walk north along Guthrie road for 20 metres and look for a trail on the east side of the road leading through the brush.  Hike along the trail 100 feet to a look off above the falls.

There are several pools below each step of falls, however only the lower pool looks suitable for swimming.  Use caution climbing down to the lower level.

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