Brandy Falls


Brandy Falls are located on Brandy Brook, along a side trail from the Fundy Footpath, Fundy Trail Provincial Park. These tiered falls are reminiscent of Miles Doyle Falls in Cape Breton. A campsite is also located nearby and although primitive it is within sight of the waterfall.

The section of the Fundy Footpath west of Brandy Brook is the most difficult and dangerous section of the backpacking trail.  There are numerous locations where the trail is eroded to the point where hands and footholds are necessary to continue further.  In some areas, fallen trees (large old growth) have made travel difficult.  This area is already subject to a steep drop-off from the trail, so deterioration has made it more challenging.

To access the falls: If dayhiking, use a 4X4 to drive south on the Martin Head Road into the Model Forest Reserve and park near the junction with the Fundy Footpath closest to Martin Head.  Take the footpath east toward Centurion Point.  After 1 1/2hrs, you will reach Brandy Brook.   Once you reach Brandy Brook, look for the blue flashings to indicate a side trail.  Vehicular access may also be possible from an access road near Centurion Point.  The viability of this road is not known at this time.  If backpacking, continue east along the Fundy Footpath from Quiddy River and Martin Head toward Centurion Point. 

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