Walton Glen Falls

DSC08203DSC08185Walton Glen Falls can be found in one of many gorges that lead to the Bay of Fundy coastline in middle-southeastern New Brunswick.  The falls have several levels, pouring from a brook at the high point in the gorge, eventually leading to the lower brook level plentiful with small drops.  The brook itself leads to the narrowing of the gorge and spectacular nature reserve termed the 'Eye of the Needle'. 

The area is hikeable, but it is not an easy endeavor to reach these falls.  To the determined visitor, it will surely be well earned and rewarded with views and the beauty of the Fundy Coast area gorges.

DSC08207DSC08192DSC08181To visit these falls, you can access them from the Fundy Footpath at the Little Salmon River, Eye of the Needle trail.  (On my visit, it was a side trip on day 2 from our 5 day backpacking trip along the Fundy Footpath).  If considering day tripping from the provincial park interpretive centre, ensure you have lots of daylight as it will be a long day (20 + kms).  Access is also possible from the Dustin Brook Access Road.

From the Little Salmon River campsite, return to the river bank and follow blue blazes marked on the trees and rocks.  There are numerous river crossings/wadings.  At the juncture with McLeod Brook and Walton Glen Brook, watch for a number of blue blazes on the left side.  In a short distance from the juncture, you will see the Eye of the Needle part of the gorge.  Continue through, the subsequent 'trail' from Eye of the Needle is very rugged and will require lots of rockhopping and river crossings. From Eye of the Needle, watch for the pink ribbons which appear as you
continue upstream.  Some have fallen down, but the 'trail' generally
stays to the left bank of the brook if upstream. There are sections where you must use a rope or trees to pull yourself upward along the bank.  In one section, there is mild exposure to a drop.

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