Rapidy Brook Falls

DSC08451Rapidy Brook Falls are located by Rapidy Brook along the Fundy Footpath, Fundy Trail Provinical Park. The tiered falls are one of many in the area and flow toward a steep drop-off that leads to the Bay of Fundy.

The falls are not visible from the trail, however if you scramble down the bank to the brook level it is possible to obtain a nice view of the falls.  To reach brook level will require hand holds on roots and rock on a very steep incline.

To get there: Rapidy Brook Falls can be accessed by backpacking along the Fundy Footpath in Fundy Trail Provinical Park toward Little Salmon River from the interpretive centre (20+kms).  If day hiking, it can be reached from the Dustin Brook Access Road, which leads to the Little Salmon River campground. Rapidy brook is an hour hike from Little Salmon River campground. From Little Salmon River, expect a siginificant climb into the hills and a steep descent into the brook. 

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