Erbs Falls

DSC08723 DSC08725  Erbs Falls is located on the Kingston Peninsula in south-central New Brunswick.  Hidden among farm fields and valleys, Erbs Falls has a unique feature attached to it: an incredibly well constructed salmon/fish ladder.  The falls are a combination of chute and plunge water flow, rising about 10 meters from top to bottom. 

To get there, from Belleisle Bay head toward Erbs Cove on Hwy 850, taking Ganong Rd.  Ganong Road continues to Peters Hill Road.  Park near the bridge by the gate and signage.  From Hampton, take Hwy 845 to Peters Hill Road.  Just before a sharp turn and the junction with Ganong Rd.  The falls are on the side of the road with the shed/barn.  

When visiting the falls, make sure you check in with Rob Daly in the
nearby farmhouse with barn.  At the falls area, ‘No trespassing’ signage is plentiful, but if you
ask permission Daly said that he doesn’t mind courteous visitors.

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