Henderson Falls

Henderson Falls (or also named Shaw Falls) are found in the expanse of valleys and hills of the Saint John River Valley in Queens County.  The falls lie within a grove of cedar trees which line the brook on both sides.  Also surrounding the falls area are extraordinarily tall pine trees, which tower high above the average tree growth.  One pine tree also has grown into the rock ledge near the falls.  The site is also well maintained and has a bench and stairs for access.

To get there, head along highway 710 from Springfield or Cambridge Narrows.  Look for the Shaw Road either before or after the Y fork in Hwy 710, depending on your direction of travel.  Shaw Road is on the east side of Hwy 710 at Henderson Settlement.  Proceed along Shaw Rd until you see a red cottage on the left hand side, marked #105.  Park opposite of the cottage on the south side of Shaw Rd.  Ahead of you, before the big house with the covered front deck is a pathway leading toward the brook.  Take this path and look for the stairs heading down.  To see the upper falls, stay high on the bank and go upriver about 25 metres.

There is a nice swimming hole and a bench on site.

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