Bass River Falls

DSC09163The geological formations of Bass River Falls are unique and provide a nice backdrop to these falls.  Located in the Bass River area of the Cobequid Mountains, these falls are just one of other smaller drops amongst the ridges and cliffs along the south flowing Bass River. 

Accessing the falls will require a steep descent and bushwacking.  There is a nearby ATV trail that leads close to the descent to the falls, however map and compass skills are still recommended.

To get there, take Hwy 2 toward Bass River.  Take Maple Avenue until the "Y", turn east on Mines Bass River Rd and then north on New Castlereagh Rd.  Continue until the point listed on the below map.  You will see that Bass River Falls is on the right side of the track.  West Bass River falls is also nearby, depicted on the left track on the map.,-63.666687&sspn=0.007785,0.021007&ie=UTF8&t=p&ll=45.460793,-63.765936&spn=0.025465,0.055189&z=14

(thanks to Kris Griffon for the track info)

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