West Bass River Falls

DSC09145DSC09154 West Bass River falls are located on the east part of the Cobequid Highlands of Nova Scotia.  These falls are likely little visited in the area and are a definite treat for visitors to the area.  To hike there, you'll need map and compass skills.

To get to the area, drive Hwy 2 toward Bass River.  At Bass River, take Maple Avenue until the 'Y' in the road. Take Old Economy Road northwest until the location noted on the map posted below.

Our track to the falls are posted on Google Maps.  I cannot guarantee its the best way to the falls, but modify the route as you see fit. Note, the smooth lines are in a vehicle and where they get jagged is the actual hiking portion. The trip to these falls is the left hand side track. The second track is of Bass River Falls. The falls location is the star shaped part of the track.  The smaller stars are where we exited vehicles for the trail.  Here's our trip: (thanks to Kris Griffon for the track info)


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