Moss Glen Falls

DSC09899DSC09900Moss Glen Falls are on the Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick and boast a steep drop off and similar pools leading to the Kennebecasis River.   There are two falls to see, one which appears to have a deep pool.  The second area also is tidal as the pool is part of a cove of the Kennebecasis.

Note: there are no-trespassing signs posted at the falls area.  Visitors should make an attempt to contact the owners before visiting, to ask permission.

To get there, head to the Kingston Penisula in south central NB. Head along Hwy 845 from the Gondola Ferry or Westfield Ferry landing toward Clifton Royal.  After Clifton Royal, look for Moss Glen Road heading south toward the water.  The below GoogleStreetView is where you turn.  If you're coming from Gondola Point Ferry area, and you go past the firehall, you've gone too far.  From the other direction, its only 150 meters to the turn.  Proceed down Moss Glen Road until a turnabout on your left (east).  Park there and various trails lead to the falls.

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