Hidden Falls


DSC09986 1
Truly a gem in the wilderness, Hidden Falls are a pleasant surprise to visit.  Located in near Parrsboro at the edge of the Cobequid Mountains, Hidden falls boast significant slide height, and also plunge into two deep and scenic pools at the falls area.  With the area’s spectacular geological surroundings, it is a real treat for visitors to the falls. 

Hidden Falls are found along the waterfall highway, Hwy 2 near Parrsboro.  To get there, drive east on Hwy 2 from Parrsboro toward Bass River.  Just east of #2492 Hwy 2, there is a small gravel turn off on the north side of Hwy 2.  Park in the area.  Walking north and you will see a blueberry field to your right, but keep left through a small pasture.  A trail leads north into the woods for 10 minutes to Hidden Falls. Some minor water crossings are necessary. At the falls area, you will see two pools, one hidden in the backround and one in the forefront.  Although a bridge once allowed access to the lower pool, it is now washed out.  Hidden Falls are on private land, but the owner is receptive to respectful visitors. 

Park here:

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