Wards Falls

DSC09990Wards Falls is one of the more popular falls in the western Cobequids region of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.  These plunge falls are relatively small, but the geological formations at the falls area make it very appealing.  Directly behind the falls is a deep cave-like tunnel through the rock, but access is somewhat trecherous with the slippery, exposed rock beside the falls.  The trail to the falls is a pleasant 3 kilometre walk through the forest and over well constructed bridges that eliminate stream crossings.  A picnic table is also near the end of the trail.

At one time, a ladder assisted visitors to a spot above the falls, to allow visitors to explore upstream through the bottom of a steep cliff topped cave created by years of wear on the surrounding rock. With rope (and care) a person can go almost 200m through the space in the rock to where the stream decends from above. 

To get there from Parrsboro, head west on highway 209 toward Advocate Harbour.  At Diligent River, watch for a sign marking the road to the trailhead on the north side of the road (7km from Wharton).  The road to the trailhead is nearby a small bridge (see below).  Park at the end and proceed 3km to the falls. 

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