Corner Brook Stream Falls


Corner Brook Stream Falls is a little known jewel in a park on the south side of the city in Western Newfoundland.  As part of the Corner Brook Stream network of trails, Corner Brook Stream DSC09948DSC09944Falls lie deep within the steep canyon that protects the area.  Visiting the stream level will give you a view of the falls not seen from the two lookoff landings above the canyon.  The falls are plunge type and have a height of 10 metres.  The different textured rocks and geological formations of the canyon are also a sight to see.

To access the falls area, you must be comfortable with difficult and dangerously steep hiking and climbing.  The path down into the canyon requires climbing down using trees, rocks and roots.  There is only one way down, as all others lead to steep cliffs and should not be attempted.  The path down the canyon is marked with red flashing tape. To find the path down, first park at the parking lot next to the highway.  Take the eastern side gravel path, leading south.  Walk for a few minutes and look for a small wooden landing with a view of Cornerbrook.  Look for a path on the canyon side of the gravel. Follow the red flashing down, using caution.  This will lead you to a spot downstream of the falls. 

To get there: Head to Corner Brook, take the Massey Drive exit from the TCH.  Depending on your direction, go west toward Crockers Drive.  Park at the parking lot to your left and take the marked trail. 

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