Harrington Falls


Harrington Falls are found in the Cobequid Highlands area of Nova Scotia and pour 20 metres from a rocky cliff into the Harrington River below.  Also called "Garden of Eden" falls by locals, these falls do seem to live up to their quaint nickname.  A small ledge leads behind the falls, and depending on ground conditions also leads to an area above the falls.  Going beyond the part of the path behind the falls is trecherous and caution is advised. 

To get there:
Follow Hwy 2 through Five Islands near Parrsboro, then turn north on the Lynn Road. Follow Lynn Rd until you reach the level part of the hills, looking for a clearing on the west side of the road.  It appears to be a large clearcut area with new growth.  Follow the clearcut to the west until a break in the woods, descending a hill.  Keep west until the Harrington River and follow upstream until the small gorge.  Caution advised on your steps down to the river.  Coordinates: UTM Zone 20 412390E 5034107N

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