Steady Brook Falls

DSC09954 A spectacular surprise best describes these waterfalls found near Marble Mountain Resort in Western Newfoundland.  While not even visible from the road, these falls fall almost 100 metres from Steady Brook toward the Transcanada Highway and the Massey River.  Also at the site are zipline tours which take you across the falls in several different routes. 

To get there:  Go to Steady Brook, just outside of Corner Brook on the TCH toward Deer Lake.  Look for the Marble Mountain Resort on the south side of the highway.  Take the exit for Marble Mountain Resort and follow the service road toward the gas station and McDonalds restaurant.  Keep past the stores, follow until a dirt road begins on your left, heading steeply uphill. There are signs that point to the falls.  Park near the field that opens up to the ski resort.  The trailhead will be behind you, starting with a wooden bridge over the ditch.  Walk a short distance to the lookoff and continue uphill to the top of the falls, passing the zipline platforms.  You should pass 3 platforms before reaching the top of the falls, noticeable by a small clearing.  Use caution climbing near the falls especially given the height involved. Another way to access the falls is to rockhop your way upstream, allowing for some great swimming the pools below the falls.

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