Western Brook Gorge Falls

DSC00035 Western Brook Gorge Falls are one of the many waterfalls visible from water
level at
Western Brook Pond.  These falls flow from the higher plateaus originating from ponds, lakes and streams at 800
meters or more of elevation. 

Access to the falls is limited to the Western Brook Pond Ferry, a
boat tour that runs the length of the pond as part of Gros Morne
National Park.  Ferry tickets are available from Bon Tours at the OceanView Motel in Rocky Harbour or at the dock. Unless you have a backcountry pass, the only view from the boat is at a distance.  However, if you have a backcountry pass and are planning to do a hike along the
North Rim or Long Range Traverse , your hike will take you to the base of the falls near the end of Western Brook Pond Gorge. Depending on your travel, you will be climbing above or down from the base of the falls.  

To get a sight via ferry: Take highway 430 (Viking Trail) toward St. Anthony from
Rocky Harbour.  Park at the Western Brook Pond parking lot and hike
2.5km to the ferry dock. 

For more information on the long backpacking trips that lead you to the falls, see: http://macdonald.typepad.com/cc/2010/07/a-newfoundland-outdoor-adventure.html

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