Wallace Falls

DSC00680DSC00663Wallace Falls is found in the Fundy foothills of southern New Brunswick.  Located in a deep ravine housing the Quiddy River, Wallace Falls are one of many that line this river as it flows into the Bay of Fundy.  There are two falls at this location, an upper cascade  and lower plunge fall.  [Locals have told me there are seven falls on this river.]

Hking to the falls has been made easy by the Fundy Trail organization, who've added trail markings, stairs and logs to aid the decent into the ravine.  From the Cross Rd, if you walk toward the bridge over the Quiddy River, watch for the blue flashings on rocks and trees on the west side of the river.  Follow these markings in a southward direction until you see a pair of green markings indicating a side trail.  This trail leads down into the ravine toward Wallace Falls.  Return the same way, or cross the river and climb the ropes to the top of the lower falls where you'll find a view of the upper falls.  Sadly, I would recommend wearing shoes at all times if exploring the falls area as there was a tremendous amount of broken glass during our visit.  [We made an attempt to clean a fair bit, but there still remains much to be picked up.]

To get there: From Sussex Corner, follow the signs to Poley Mountain Ski Hill in Waterford.  Keep past Poley Mountain Ski Hill following the signs to Adairs Wilderness Lodge.  Keep past Adairs 2.1 kilometres to Little Salmon River Road, which is just past the community of Crawford Lake.  After making a right turn onto Little Salmon River Road, follow 1.6kms until Cross Rd (marked with a white faded sign).  Go left and follow Cross Rd for about 3 kilometres, staying on the main road.  As you reach 3.5 kilomtres staying right at the T intersection and go left at the next Y intersection.  Shortly after the Y, the road gets very rough with large rocks.  In another 500m is the Quiddy River bridge, so unless you have a 4WD vehicle, parking before the rough section is advised. [Use caution in areas on Cross Rd as there have been washouts and soft sections due to heavy rains.  There is a bridge 2km from the turn onto Cross Rd.  Erosion has made some large holes in the gravel on east side of the bridge.]

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