Reddin Falls

A welcome treat is Reddin Falls, located in Kiersteadville on the east end of Belleisle Bay.  
The hike to the falls follows along Reddin Brook and features a cow pasture and old homestead, river crossings, cedar trees and high rock formations at the falls site.  The falls are approximately ten metres in height.

Although unmarked, a trail is fairly easy to follow and is found by way of a worn two kilometre path to Reddin Falls.  There are several water crossings of varying depths which may depend on the time of year.  The falls has a large pool and a high cliff face surrounding the area.  Swimming is definitely possible!

To get there, head to highway 850 in Kiersteadville from Springfield or Kingston Peninsula.  Proceed along Hwy 850 until you reach the Kiersteadville United Church on the south side of 850.  Park near the bridge over Reddin Brook.  A mowed pathway through the alders leads to a field below.  Follow the river into the hills to reach the falls.



Map shows general location, disregard pointer (B&B)

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