Jeffers Falls (Riley’s Falls)

  Jeffers Falls (also named Riley's Falls) are found in the hills north of Parrsboro, Nova  DSC01886 DSC01896
Scotia.  While Jeffers Falls usually describes the large fall at the final elevation drop of Jeffers Brook, there are several other falls that can be accessed further up river.  Although the rockhopping travel is difficult, the end result is reaching seven falls of various heights and sizes.  Three of these are 4-5 metres in height. 

To get there, head to Parrsboro on Highway 2.  In the town of Parrsboro, take the Beaver Dam Road north from Eastern Avenue.  Beaver Dam Road changes to Newville Road after the Prospect Road intersection.  Continue north on Newville Road toward Lakelands.   If wanting to see the lower falls only, keep going north on the Newville Road until you see a bridge and a steep forested gully to your right.  Park near a white farm house on a hill surrounded by lawn and a field. (If you reach Lakeview Corner, you've gone too far.)  On the south side of their property is a marshy area that will lead you to the brook. A short walk into the woods will lead you to the brook.  There is a trail made from the steep rocky embankment.

To hike upstream:  While driving on Newville Road, when you reach the address 1593, DSC01909
DSC01901 watch for steep dirt road on your right, leading into the woods.  Drive up the dirt road and park at a clearing.  At the northeast end of the clearing, a short trail leads upward to a small clearing above the first and tallest falls.  The cliffs in this area are extremely steep, and caution must be used.  To see more falls, continue to the brook and begin your hike upstream from here.  You will not find a trail, but there are easier routes while rockhopping and climbing around the river.  In some areas, you must bypass cliff walls by DSC01923climbing through the woods or swimming through the pools.  There are deadfalls blocking travel up river and other obstacles. This is not an easy endeavour and expect to be wet for the trip!  That being said, the surrounding gully is impressive and the thick canopy of trees will keep you dry from the rain.  The last fall can be found after 2 1/2 hours of travel up river. 

3 thoughts on “Jeffers Falls (Riley’s Falls)

  1. Thank you for posting this 🙂 I was planning a hike to theses falls for the fall and this information will help 🙂


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