Long Point Falls

 The falls in Long Point are found in a deep gully on the east side of the Kingston Peninsula.  ThDSC01539DSC01547e falls area has steep rock faces, caves and a couple of rugged look offs, giving a view of the multi-level, multi-pool falls.  The lower falls is a nice cascade to a shallow pool.  The upper fall is a plunge type fall, surrounded by rock walls and shallow caves, but has a fairly deep pool at its base.  Between the two falls is a smooth chute-like rock formation, directing the water to the lower falls.

To get there, drive to Loing Point on Highway 850.  Park near the small bridge west of the Belleisle Cable Ferry. There is no trail to Long Point Falls, but accessing the falls is fairly DSC01548easy by hiking 45 minutes up the brook from the bridge. There is a rough path on the left side of the lower falls that will lead to the upper fall.  This area is steep and caution should be used.  Stick to the brook on the return trip, despite the ATV trail that seems to lead back.  This trail leads to farmers fields surrounding the gully.  

These falls are on private land.  Please speak with the owners before hiking to the falls.  The Bates family house is just east of the bridge.  On our visit, their ownly request was that we pack out our garbage as others have not in the past. 

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