Ledge Falls

IMGP1528 IMGP1528Ledge Falls are located on the western edge of Baxter State Park, Maine.  The falls are part of the Neswadnehunk Stream and flow between the surrounding mountains of the Brother Mountain outliers and has Doubletop Mountain in sight from the falls area.  The falls are slide type, featuring solid granite rock throughout the falls area, worn smooth from the years of water flowage.  Although not large in height, the falls are wide and the rock formation makes the area quite unique.  For the swimmers, it is possible to slide from the top rapid down into the succeeding pools and rapids to the lower pool.  Use caution though as the rock under the water is very slick!

To get there, head to Baxter State Park in northern Maine.  From the south park entrance, keep left on the dirt road toward Abol and Hunt Trails.  Drive 35 to 45 minutes before you see the Ledge Falls picnic area on your left.  Parking is limited, so arrive early during good weather.

Google Map/Panoramio: http://goo.gl/maps/sBmDX



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