Katahdin Stream Falls

IMGP1513Katahdin Stream Falls can be found along the Hunt Trail in Baxter State Park, Maine.  Katahdin Stream Falls are very picturesque and provide a little rest stop on the trail to Baxter Peak.  The falls cascade and drop, eventually flowing into crystal clear water pools at the base.  Of unique characteristics is a moss wall just below the path and viewing area.  If you continue down to the stream edge, follow the side of the stream toward the falls.  You'll see that the cliffs below the lookoff and the ground below you will be covered in moss.  The water is cold, but great for quick dips!

To get there, head to Baxter State Park in Maine.  At the park entrance, keep left on the road toward the northwestern areas of the park.  Watch for the Katadin Stream campground and park at the day parking area.  It is a 45 minute hike on the Hunt Trail toward the falls. 

Google Maps/Panoramio: http://goo.gl/maps/iLfZy

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