Hells Kitchen Falls

IMGP1311Hells Kitchen Falls on Falls Brook can be found in the Fundy Foothills south of Hammondvale and the old Shepody Road.  Falls brook and nearby Hemlock Brook are tributaries of the Big Salmon River and lie north of the river hidden in the valleys leading to the Fundy shore.  They are also in the area of Mary Pitcher Falls, which is just to the east of Falls brook. Hells Kitchen Falls are nestled in a steep rocky gorge and can be hidden from view without some climbing or swimming.  The falls used to be a tricky obstacle for 19th century loggers in the area.

Accessing the falls can be done by using a similar approach as Mary Pitcher Falls.  A secondary route can be via the Dick's Lake Road.  If using a bicycle on approach, the Dick's Lake route is recommended for a great mix of rocks, stream and river crossing and downhill riding.  The return trip to the Old Shepody Road has an excellent downhill ride to end off the trip.  Total return kilometres of travel is 44 kilometres.

Here is a rough description on how to get there: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5686980  (use at own risk, please bring map, compass and GPS).

Once at the cul-de sac, find a good route downhill (bushwacking is likely) to the brook.  Continue upstream to a steep wall of rock.  The falls are around the corner. 

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