Hemlock Brook Falls

Pano of Hemlock Brook FallsHemlock Brook falls are plunge type falls found in the Falls brook area south of Hammondvale.  The falls are in steep rocky valley and feature a steep rockwall surrounding the actual falls area.  There is no pool below, but the lush surroundings make it a good rest stop.

The approach to the falls is similar to Hell's Kitchen Falls and can be a good side trip back to your transportation.  Easily accessed from Hell's Kitchen Falls, continue downstream on Falls brook to the first brook on the left (east) side of the river.  Follow the brook uphill (rockhopping necessary).  Continue upstream to the falls.  If returning to the cul-de-sac, climb to the left of the falls for 30 minutes back to the road.

 For a rough route from the Old Shepody Road to the roundabout where you descend to the river, follow the following link.  (Use at your own risk and be sure to bring map, compass and GPS): http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5686980

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