Trout Brook Falls

IMGP1676IMGP1676Trout Brook Falls are found deep in the New Brunswick woodlands surrounding the Southwest Miramichi River.  Trout Brook falls are a two tiered waterfall, plunging and sliding over two drops, with signficant pools at the base of each fall.  The hike to the falls is leisurely and can be done as part of a hiking trip or canoe trip. 

To get there, head to the Boiestown area of New Brunswick.  Take highway 625 to the Bloomfield Ridge Road.  Keep right to go across the bridge over the river and keep left toward the Holtville Road.  You will access the area via an Irving forestry management gate.  The entry fee is $10 per car. Follow the road toward Falls Brook (10 minutes) before seeing a wooden sign indicating a side road on the west side of the road toward the trailhead.  You can hike from here, but if driving to the trailhead, the end of the road is very steep, rocky and washed out and a high clearance 4X4 truck is necessary.  At the trailhead, cross the Southwest Miramichi River (low water levels are advised) and proceed south on the opposite (western) bank.  Trout Brook is the first major brook on the right after 30 minutes of hiking.  Take Trout Brook into the woods, following a sporadic trail at first and the brook until the falls.

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